Roulette Strategy

James Bond Roulette Strategy has nothing to do with mixed, not stirred vodka martinis. But it is in close connection with James Bond series. James Bond roulette strategy has been taken from Casino Royale where the great agent 007 demonstrated his bright and always winning roulette strategy. What this strategy is about you know when having seeing that film. Still if you are no gambler it's quite possible that you don't remember it. This strategy belongs to the category of systems employed to large capitals. James Bond roulette strategy is as risky as the character himself. And unfortunately it hasn't proved to be a successful one. James Bond roulette strategy recognizes only dozen bets (this is when players bet on the first, second or third dozens). Interstinfg reviews at

Yet there are bets that result in paying out much higher winnings. Sometimes James Bond roulette strategy or method is thought to be related with fraud. On the Internet you can find articles on its legality or non-legality. Recently a case has been reported about gamblers who managed to reduce house edge significantly while using some laser to predict slots where a ball is likely to drop with the probability of 6 to 1 (that thing was called James Bond principle). This is pretty much. To be completely honest, players can do this due to late bets. In fact if players have no such a device, 90% they will lose. Let's see to the core of late bets appeal. A casino allows them because players who prefer making late bets actually fool themselves into getting closer to the point when that desired slot can be most correctly foretold. But this moves winning no step closer. On the contrary, this can eliminate payouts because players do make the wrong wagers. James Bond roulette strategy creates a mysterious and exciting impression. There is nothing more to add, than "Bond, James Bond".