Providers of casino software

It is very well-known fact, that online casino is very popular in our times, even more that real one. Its popularity starts from the appearance of the first personal computer. From that time, with the further development of technologies, till our times Internet counts for about hundreds casino sites. One of the most important criteria that makes online casino advantageous is software. The right selection of casino software indicates the level of security of personal data, money flow and quality of gaming process. Therefore, before choosing online casino it is recommended to pay attention to its software. The best casino software is developed by such famous companies as Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech and many others.

Downloadable and No Downloadable software

In order to play casino games there are two options either to download software or to play through the web browser. The most popularity enjoys downloadable software. It provides with good gaming package, games with different skill and wagering levels. There is almost no difference between these two types, however downloaded software takes several minutes to be installed on the personal computer. No downloadable programs work in Flash format. Some PC, for instance, have defined technical characteristics that might not suite to the installed software.

Software providers' overview

There are a lot of providers on the gaming market, but the wide popularity belongs to the:

  • Microgaming, which was established in 1994. The biggest gaming provider that offers 18 video poker games both single and multi-line formats.
  • Cryptologic offers variety of usual poker game and bonus poker. The total amount of poker games offered is 13 plus 1 progressive.
  • Playtech was established in 1999.The only one company on the market that offers double option. Player can take one part of winning amount and double remaining one. In general it offers 9 video poker games and 1 progressive.